Annual Events

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Fellowship abounds year-round! Calvary's parish life revolves around the liturgical calendar followed by Christians everywhere since the first century. Many of our parish festivals are common among Anglicans; others, however, aren't as strictly tied to the religious calendar.

These annual parish events include:

  • "Shrove Sunday" pancake supper, with proceeds benefiting the youth mission trip fund

  • Agape Meal, a chance to break bread together in celebration of the Resurrection, following the Easter Vigil

  • The Festival of Faith, a program and celebration that concludes our Sunday School year

  • Courtyard garden planting, on a Sunday morning in May

  • All-Parish picnic in September

  • The "Stone Throw," in which parishioners compete at tossing a large, heavy stone for distance out in the courtyard, re-enacting an event that we've been reliably informed was critical in our parish history

  • Advent Lessons & Carols followed by the lighting of the Christmas tree in the Oasis Courtyard on the first Sunday in Advent

  • St. Nicholas Party in early December, for younger Sunday School students

  • Tree-trimming including hanging greens in the church and carol singing just before Christmas